Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Add elegance to your floors with travertine floor tiles

Floor tiles can make or break the look of your home and hence it is important that you lookout for the best quality floor tiles that blend well with your interiors and offers an elegant and luxurious look to the house. Though many stones are popular like granite and marble for the floors now many architects are choosing travertine floor tiles which is sturdy, durable and offers great natural stone look just perfect for high traffic areas. Travertine belongs to the limestone category which is formed from calcium carbonate precipitates and ground water minerals dissolved due to the pressure and heat from the earth’s crust taking the form of travertine rocks. So travertine is available in different shades like gold, brown, grey and beige and also some light color tones of red, green and rust depending on the specific location from which the stone is sourced.

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You can use this travertine stone tile for floors, countertops, walls and also exterior spaces which are available in different patterns like classic travertine tiles, travertine French pattern, scabos travertine etc that you can choose either for a rustic or contemporary look for you applications. You can find them in different finishes like acid washed, filled, chipped edge, polished, tumbled and unfilled each coming up with a versatile look for your floor applications. You can also find the best maintenance tips of these travertine stone tile from the reliable supplier so that you can enjoy the same elegance and look of the stone for years to come.

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Similarly, the kitchen granite sink faucets add a sophisticated look to your kitchen interiors and you can choose the faucets coming in different styles and models with a variety of finishes for you to make a choice. You can go through a collection of these faucets online to find the most elegant and functional that compliments the beauty of your kitchen granite sink. Along with the sinks you can also find a range of unique stone countertop coming in granite or marble depending on your taste.

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